About me 


In the year 1986 i came with the deaf native in my birth in Zehlendorf, in green district of the metropolis Berlin in the light of the world, and grew up in the fourth generation of my family. 

Since my childhood i wear the cochlear implant, the modern assistive listening devices at the present time. Away from the consequences of my family, i spent my childhood with me very closely related persons that meant to me, to her leaving the earthly life. To my person include justice, sincerity, knowing creative design and meaning to life. For the purposes of my family tradition, i trained as a hairdresser and i passed the final examination with success. Through my working life with hearing impaired customers traveling between three different worlds. I spent a part of my life in the hearing world in which i conformed with the help of my cochlear implant, and the other silent world in which i discovered the visual world. The laborious world of the hearing impaired is between two chairs of these worlds. This has made it aware to unfold in my personality. To realize my dream there were many stones on my way that i could prevail with my strong will. I put the masters examination, despite a long struggle in the barriers of society with success from now and strive to achieve my dream. I visit the developments and international trade fairs in this sector. My goal is to reproduce a barrier-free offer in the service of the opportunities for the hearing impaired, as well as to meet the barrier-free communication in the service.


I offer you:

-Professional haircut for woman - men - 

 children - seniors

-Short and long haircut 

-Knife shape cut

-Hair tatoo

-Fasson cut

-Flat cut

-Buzz cut

-Irocese cut

-Trend cut

-Round cut

-Pony section

-Bob haircut

-Head cut

-Shaving head cut

-Shaving beard


-Hair color

-Hair dye

-Hair strands


-Curly wave

-Hair style

-Unwind relaxing hair smooting

-Elicit water


-Push hair and braiding hair

-Plug in hairstyle


-Wedding hairstyle 

-Hair style for special occasions

-Curls - and smoothed by smooth iron


-Eyebrow and eyelash dyeing

-Hair extension - and compaction


-Professional Make up on the face

-Professional design in nails


You are welcome to visit my website , so you can take advantage of your opportunities , where i work.


Meet me! Get a discount on your first visit with me in the SALON TOEPPICH IV. of 8€.

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Recommend new customers, your friends, acquaintances and relatives next and the welcome voucher 8€ will be redende at me. Me speak to any questions or sign!


I say warm welcome and look forward to your visit to my service!


Gérard- Leonhard Toeppich 




Lust auf Surfen in Eurem Smatphone und Tabeltt-Computer

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es WLAN / WiFi. 


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Feel like browsing your Smatphone and Tabelt computer                             (iPhone, iPad, etc...)?

Here in my living room of TOEPPICH IV. is there WLAN / WiFi. 


Cashless payment? Of course you can pay me with at VISA Card or Master Card.